Connecting people to groups just became easier than ever!

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Kast Groups helps churches connect people to groups.

Power to the people!

Allow people to discover the most suitable groups based on group info and location - anywhere, anytime from their mobile or desktop device.

Track progress and connect!

Ensure people don't fall through the cracks and empower your volunteer leaders. See the progress of each enquiry - even before a group is selected - and activate helpful group insights.

Save time, reduce admin

Invest resources into growth, not admin. Reduce the time it takes to connect people with the right group.

Dashboard reporting

The Kast Group Finder gives group pastors/coordinators more insights into groups than ever before. Not only can you track the progress of enquiries and access details for followup, but the Group Finder provides insights that can assist pastors/co-ordinators to plan for growth. Here is a glimpse of some of the insights the reporting tool provides:


  • Number of group finder users
  • Average days till contact
  • Average days till attendance
  • and more...

Data for growth

  • Most popular suburbs
  • Most popular days
  • Most popular group types
  • and more...
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Why choose Kast?

At Kast we are committed to helping you achieve your vision and mission in your own unique way. That's why we strive hard to ensure that our tools not only provide the best experience for your people but they also allow you to maintain your brand and message.

Integration not duplication

Many churches already maintain group information and more in a church management system (ChMS). Kast focuses on enhancing and utilising the information already contained within those systems where possible. Kast already integrates with the following ChMS with more on the way:

  • Elvanto by
  • UCare
  • Breeze ChMS
  • Planning Center (coming soon)

Contact our team if your ChMS is not in this list to find out what is possible for your church management system.

Privacy and security

The privacy and security of the people within your church are of the utmost importance which is why we use current industry standards to put privacy first.

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