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Pastors: Getting your people into groups can be easier!

Healthy small groups are so important in the life and growth of every church, and Kast Groups is a tool for your website that makes getting people into the right group easier and quicker.

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Why Kast Groups?

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Power to the people

Allow people to discover the most suitable groups based on group info and location - anywhere, anytime from their mobile or desktop device.

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Track progress and connect

Ensure people don’t fall through the cracks and empower your volunteer leaders. See the progression of each enquiry and activate helpful group insights.

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Save time, reduce admin

Invest resources into growth, not admin. Reduce the time it takes to connect people with the right group and grow your ministry.

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Works within any website

Kast has a range of options for people to access group information, including a kiosk view or embedding the tool within your current church website - yes any church website!

Coming soon in 2022

Dashboard reporting

Kast Groups gives pastors/coordinators more insights into thier church's small groups than ever before. Not only can you track the progress of enquiries and access details for followup, but the Groups dashboard provides insights that can assist pastors/co-ordinators to plan for growth. Here is a glimpse of some of the metrics the reporting provides.

Groups reporting dashboard provides helpful insights. Trends provide encouragement and opportunties for growth. The heatmap enables you to identify the most common requested group locations. Ensure a responsive group signup process with the completion funnel.
Line graph icon Number of group finder users
Line graph icon Growth of enquiries
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Marker icon Average travel distance
Line graph icon Number of active groups over time
Why Kast?

Integrated not duplicated

Many churches already manage people and other information in a church management system (ChMS). Kast focuses on enhancing and utilising the information already contained within those systems where possible. Kast already integrates with the following ChMS with more on the way! Talk to us if your ChMS is not listed.

  • Works with Tithe.ly (Elvanto) Church Management System
  • Works with Planning Center
Features icon Features

A complete set of features ready to help you

Cut down the time it takes for your team to place people into groups and enable self-discovery of the group options in your church with Kast Groups. Activate helpful insights that will help you plan and grow a better group ministry.

Support for multi-campus churches

Kast has support for multi-campus churches, even if some campuses are using a different ChMS!

In-person or online?

Groups can either have a meeting address, marked as an online group or both - for those who would prefer to meet virtually.

Course based groups

For course-based groups where people must attend from the very first meeting such as the Alpha Course, the group can be automatically removed from public view when the group commences.

Kiosk view

For churches with a help desk at services, there is convenient stand-alone kiosk version of the Group Finder which removes all distractions.


Every Kast account comes with access to support. So ask a question! Any question, and we shall try and find the answer.

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Kast Groups pricing is based on the number of active groups being displayed within the Group Finder.

  • 0-9 Groups
    FREE Forever*
  • 10-24 Groups
    $15 AUD per month*
  • 25-49 Groups
    $25 AUD per month*
  • 50-99 Groups
    $35 AUD per month*
  • 100+ Groups
    $50 AUD per month*
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Calculate the price for your multi-campus church

For multi-campus churches with a single Kast Groups subscription across campuses, pricing is calculated on the total number of active groups across all campuses and $10 for each additional campus.

The number of campuses must be more than 1, otherwise refer to single campus pricing. A number greater than zero is required.
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What others are saying

Join other forward-thinking churches who use Kast

Our digital environments are so critical to the way we engage with people and achieve our vision. We love Kast’s innovative digital solutions, integration with our other platforms and amazing customer service.
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott Lead Pastor, City Lights Church
Kast has enabled our church to adapt to rapidly changing global circumstances in a time where speed and innovation is the new normal.
Sonny Pascoe
Sonny Pascoe Lead Pastor, Majestic Church